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Olive Oil Cakes



We’re Poppio Bakeshop. A family-run bakeshop delivering the best homemade olive oil cakes to customers across the country.

We believe that the simplest desserts, made with the finest ingredients and brought to life by the passionate hands of our bakers are quite simply the best. We feel that every day is a gift to be celebrated, and that every cake baked with love and packaged with thoughtfulness will spread joy.


Search for “cake delivery” or “order cake online” or “send cake online,” and you’ll find plenty of options designed to fulfill obligations: whether it’s buying a gift or planning a celebration. But at Poppio, we believe there’s a deeper urge at work—a desire for homestyle warmth, sweet connection, and subtle delicacy. We’re here to fill you up, sure, but also to answer that call for ‘something more.’

With an appreciation for the superior tastes found only in homemade desserts made from scratch, Poppio Bakeshop sources only the finest, freshest ingredients and uses traditional Italian baking techniques in all of our recipes. Never taking a shortcut, every flavor of our show-stopping olive oil cake is made to order, packed fresh from the oven, and delivered quickly to your door and into your heart. Before the last bite, you’ll be placing your next order!


It isn’t a party without Poppio. Our fresh baked cakes are the best food gifts to send colleagues, friends, and loved ones.

With one taste, Poppio Bakeshop will steal their hearts. Moist with a tender crumb, Poppio Bakeshop’s olive oil cakes are a return to homemade cakes baked from scratch and packed with flavor. Trust Poppio Bakeshop; bakery delivery has never tasted this good!


We ship cakes anywhere in the USA. Baked fresh to order, our dessert delivery will make every occasion a special one.

Whether you are treating yourself, sending a mail order food gift for a special occasion, or want to impress guests at your next dinner party, Poppio Bakeshop will make the ordering, shipment, and delivery of your cake fast, easy, and enjoyable.

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Poppio Bakeshop: perfect for client gifting, employee appreciation, family special occasions, or “just because”!
We know how important gifting is. Trust us to make your gift a fabulous one!

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Choose from our variety of cake flavors available online. Then, personalize a message, and we will include a handwritten gift note too!

From Our Ovens

Every cake is baked fresh to order, by hand, from scratch with the finest ingredients and a whole lot of love.

To the Packaging Station

Paying extra attention to every detail, our shipping team carefully packages your Poppio and prepares him for his journey.

Dessert Delivered!

Poppio Bakeshop ships nationwide via UPS. What a great way to win the hearts of those you care about. Delicious and memorable, your Poppio gift will be a hit, and so will you!

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